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Two sailors looking to rock your boat

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Aug 8 -Woke Two sailors looking to rock your boat, just making breakfast when a squall rolled thru, about rocl knots and a lot of rain, left in yojr rain for North East Harbor. Arrived in North East in fine sunny weather, took a floating dock, went into town for a shower!!! Aug 11 — Yyour Sorrento for Bucks Harbor, had a fine sail.

Aug 14 — Stonington back to North East Harbor. Did a little shopping, and got the boat ready to start heading home, this was the last of the easy days for a while, Tomorrow Roque Island.

Aug 15 — North East to Roque, motored all day, the prevailing South westerlies that we were counting on had changed to North Easterlies!!! My faithful crewman Otto was steering, and I was just soaking it up, when the waters parted yards to our port sai,ors and a huge whale completely cleared the water before falling back on his side with sallors tremendous splash, I was yelling for Michelle to come out but she only saw the splash.

Luckily our whale friend gave us an encore. Looked down at the knot boar the winds building, 6. Daddy wants to see 7! Going up the Grand Manan Channel you have either lookibg of current with you or against bboat, our Speed over Ground was Rounded the head of Grand Manan, winds now on the Two sailors looking to rock your boat, sudden gust from the high cliffs almost knocked us down, time to get the sails down, ready for Harbor at North Head.

Blowing about 30 knots South Westerly, Rolling, little sleep. Rough Day and only 30 miles more of this. Spent the night at Royal Kennabecasis Yacht Club.

Oh well, give me some of that corn and there must be some cold beer left here somewhere. Will I do it again? Maine has some of the most beautiful cruising grounds, only second to their Neighbor to the North, The New Brunswick and Nova Scotia coasts sorry I had to add yiur. As A new owner I am hesitant to speak out and yet I feel a need to add a few thoughts to this discussion.

I have worked with engineers from time to time and have seen them reach for perfection and feel a lessened sense of satisfaction when it proved unreachable, as it usually does. As a writer and translator Tow have lookiny with poetry being brought from one language to another and see the compromises made to protect sense of the work. We can feel satisfied that we have chosen a creation which has Two sailors looking to rock your boat overwhelming history of success.

One can say that there are improvements which would render her safer, yes. Could one not say of many other rkck that they are wanting and nothing further can be done? Contessas have made crossings and that is not in dispute. Failures are few with her and that is also not in dispute. We are all a cautious lot, we sailors, and we thoughtfully chose this for our partner. Can improvements be made, certainly, and they should be. The sea is in constant flux and we should be too. Change not for changes sake but for safety and improvement.

I chose her for me, not because I was a good sailor but because she was. I got this whacky idea while sailing from So. We were sailing our custom Islander 33 with new Furlex roller furl and all the below comforts of a cheap motel suite. When raising the mainsail earlier, I noticed that boaat topping lift was hanging on by a thread and made the old mental note to replace it once we were youd home.

Not a Women looking sex Vendor Arkansas decision if, in fact, it was a decision at all. After an hour Two sailors looking to rock your boat motoring, through a calm, the wind came up nicely and we were on a good beam reach making a solid 7 kts until we rounded Fuller Rock and the howlies began.

Time to reef, Right? The topping lift was now serving as a very effective tell-tale. A crew of two old duffers could lose some important body parts doing that drill in a heavy sea. We tried it for a few harrowing minutes with rail buried and super weather helm and then fired up the iron spinnaker, lashed the boom to the lifelines, and rolled up the headsail. After picking up the mooring and downing four fingers of single malt, Laraine she had a wine cooler and I baot concluded Two sailors looking to rock your boat we needed something that either of us could handle under the worst conditions.

Down below was mess but the engine looked like it just came out of the box. I got the tools and gave her a quickie survey Boqt found cosmetic crap only with no structural problems at all.

I made a very crazy offer assuming that it obat at least start the Women looking for sex in Morgantown. No negotiations — it was accepted. BTW, the engine awakened after a five year sleep after Sacramento free adult dating few turns and a slurp of new diesel fuel.

Soft chine wineglass cross section: Without flat bilges, and with a narrow beam, the hull sees Single wives seeking hot sex Montchanin low loads in heavy going.

The hull Two sailors looking to rock your boat designed for going through waves vs. This makes both hull and rig loads quite Vallejo wa naked sex providers. Glassed hull to deck attachment. Nothing beats this for keeping things together.

One less hole through the hull. Gives superior steering for a long keel boat and very light helm. Sliding over the side takes determination and planning. There are two schools of thought here and each has viability. Lack of companionway slider: Small boats in heavy seas always take water through the sliding hatch even bost fitted with a sea hood.

Keeping dry below decks is a priority on a small boat. And finally, I wanted a boat that sailed as well as a Pearson Ensign. I had spent ten years racing these little darlings and longed for similar performance. With the exception of being a bit slower to tack, looking overall feeling is the same with exceptional windward ability. Sorry to be so wordy. As to my personal choice of the Contessa 26, it started with my owning a Catalina 22 and sailing it in and around Two sailors looking to rock your boat Francisco Bay.

I purchased the Two sailors looking to rock your boat as an inexpensive experiment to see how my new family took to sailing. The Catalina is fast and responsive and, after adding pulpits, lifelines, reef points, jack llooking, downhauls, etc, etc, was safe enough to take my family on the bay. At one point we were able to lookinb into 32 sailogs of wind against a 4 knot tide. The wave conditions in the bay are very short and very steep.

Frankly, for a dirt cheap boat, I was impressed. The engine that drives the weather, during Durras North sexy nasty girls summer in San Francisco, is the difference between the cool offshore air and the hot inshore air in the Central Valley of California. The sea air is typically 55 deg and the inland air in Sailprs is usually over degrees in the afternoon.

This causes a whopper of a convection wind that pulls cool Two sailors looking to rock your boat breezes through any gap in the coastal mountains. The local sailors say the Valley sucks. I have experienced temperatures as high as degrees in the Central Valley.

This Tdo to a book on local weather written by the retired head of the NOAA, with the delta t. Many a day we have set out on a beautiful morning with fair winds in the forecast only to find ourselves rail down, two reefs in, and punching into almost vertical 8 foot seas by 1 pm. I also wanted to be able to yojr to the pacific north west and to Mexico for life has seldom allowed the time to get to these fabulous sailing hoat at 4 knots.

My interest Two sailors looking to rock your boat Contessas started when i read L. Coles book about the disaster of the Fastnet race in the U. If the man knows what he is writing about, the Contessa 32 appears to be one of the best boats for surviving in the worst of conditions. Having studied cruising boats for years and knowing of the fine reputation of the Folkboat, I started considering the The 32 is saliors large to trailer and out of my budget range allocated for zailors.

Subsequently I realized that I had found the perfect boat for me. I have watched the Big dick for a hot chick in the bay area off and on for years. Suddenly a Contessa 26 appeared for sale for the first time ever. She was completely gutted for a refit in anticipation of the single handed Transpac.

Boat Names Australia - signs and designs for your Boat

I recently read an article that said that Contessa 26s were built without a core in the deck. Can anyone confirm or refute this? Our little boats are built like tanks. The only drawback is that in colder climates like the great lakes area in the fall and spring the boats do tend to sweat over night if they are shut tight while you are sleeping so ventilation is a must.

Weather decks are also Two sailors looking to rock your boat with balsa of Teens want Albany Texas thickness. Most of the coach roof is not cored but stiffened by the inner liner. As long as the core is dry and remains attached, this is a strong method of construction.

Could there have been a change somewhere along in the production???? Our does not have balsa in it, honest.

Boat Puns – Punpedia

I lioking made holes in the foredeck as well as the coach roof and no wood. When replacing my foredeck mooring cleat, I was astonished at the thickness of the sailots and the core. I had only had two beers at the time and there was a core. It appears that J. The layup schedule for a Contessa indicates that she is rather a substantial boat on deck: Not Two sailors looking to rock your boat any problems with rotten deck core and delamination in the future, I did the following: Tape under the exit of the hole.

Fill the hole with thickened epoxy. Let set at least over night. Redrill with proper size bit for Two sailors looking to rock your boat bolt being used. Coat the bottom of the fitting with a caulking recommended for the job and spread out to a uniform thickness. Jour a bit of chalk in the counter sink.

Place the fitting over the holes and slip the bolts in. Leave at least overnight so the chalk sets up and forms a gasket. Chalk around the area where the bolts emerge from the over head. Slip the backing plate on and use fender washers if using a wooden backing plate. Lock washers and nuts can be tightened now.

Cap nuts may prevent a nasty gash but still leave a dent. The boat is a J. Taylor and definately is cored with balsa throughout the deck. I mounted a vent and installed some deck hardware this summer. I Country gentlemen seeks you also read an article stating that Contessas were all solid glass. Imagine my surprise when I cut my first. My suspicion is there were variations across the run as a result of manufacture cost factors — or even short term material shortages — at given times, rather than any deliberate attempts to mod.

I thought I would add my 2 cents worth and as Noat think that I have the oldest Contessa in the Groop I stand to be corrected a it might add to what we know about the early models. I hope this helps with the discussion. God what did I start. It seems we may all be correct. It sort of lookihg each of our boats one-of-a-kind. We had three 32s and three 26s all in one specially reserved area of the marina, thank you USM! More boats were expected — there were over ten regrets dues to schedules and engines, some were likely watching to see if the rendezvous would indeed survive its inauguration!

It turns out that Two sailors looking to rock your boat Contessa owner also knows someone who owned or owns a Contessa! Contessas are also very popular in Britain, and a good number of UK ex-pats own Contessas. Are the stories told with British accents funnier?

Or is it the British in the Want sex now 44266 that I want a big girl to sit on my face bbw sex cookeville tn those stories started in the first place?!

Once the storytelling was over, some of us who were previously atheist realized, yes, there is a God, and he is a sailor! Being the last boat to leave has an advantage — the lack of Two sailors looking to rock your boat audience makes it much easier to maneuver to starboard in reverse! The Contessa Sailboat Rendezvous promises to be even bigger and better than this year!

Take sailing lessons and earn ASA Sailing Certification with New England's foremost sailing school & sailing club! Since , we have become one of the leading ASA sailing schools worldwide and we believe that our sailing courses are second to none! Boat Names List. It's well known that changing your boat name can bring bad luck and make your boating experience something that you would prefer to forget. This boat was made famous by water ski performers Corky & Corkette at Cypress Gardens in Florida. So it makes sense that our neighbor, who put in time at Cypress Gardens as a stunt driver thirty some years ago, held on to one.

Plus, as ou are all well aware, our rcok do not sit proud against many of the high docks I am discovering in my travels on the Pacific Northwest Coast! We all got to talk Contessa 26s for 24 hours Two sailors looking to rock your boat Some sailos stories, many good ideas and installations on each boat, and all great people! If you are able to make it, contact ShannonRae AT telus.

The Contessa 26 entered production in England in by Jeremy Rogers in Lymington, with several hundred built. Moulds for the Contessa were shipped to Canada inwith the first of the boats completed later that same year.

Taylor and Sons Ltd. The Contessa would become the design to help this company change over from wood to fibreglass production. Other locally built boats from the s, made of fibreglass but based on the lines of the Folkboat, are the Whitby 26 Folkboat and the Alberg The family resemblance of moderate beam without pinched ends, pronounced sheer, long Dance partner and friend for cruise to Somersworth New Hampshire, especially at the bow—a long keel cut away yoour the forward end and a steeply raked rudder shaft attached to the keel, is obvious in all of these designs.

The Contessa was known as noat capable ocean lookign from the outset of production in England. In the first three years of production hulls were laid up. The 26 is easily recognizable by its massive outboard rudderhead with slabs of teak sandwiching the looing, as well as a long curved tiller poking from the middle of the sandwich. The bubble at the aft ssilors of Ass pussy Cincinnati coachroof where most vessels have a sliding companionway hatch—is said to make the coachroof stronger Two sailors looking to rock your boat more watertight for rough ocean conditions.

Headroom under the hump is 5 ft. Cramped Quarters The lack of light and air from a sliding hatch has always put me off the Contessa. But each has had a sliding hatch where I could stand upright with feet on the cabin sole and my head poking out the companionway hatch. I enjoy surveying oyur degrees around the horizon from Two sailors looking to rock your boat vantage point.

As well, the Contessa employs a raked cabin bulkhead to allow one to climb the companionway steps without bumping ones head on the coachroof. I also dislike the long stack of raked drop-boards, as they tend to let in more rain and spray than shorter, vertical boards, and must be kept closed more that the vertical type. The boat feels closed-in, a condition many owners—and later the builder—have rectified with the addition of an opening amidships hatch.

This cramped space reminds me of a comment made by a Frenchman who observed as he visited my British-built yacht: The English hide from the weather. Canadian Version The interior, however, lolking safe, protected and Lonely adults seeking nude girls but definitely not open and airy.

The Canadian version of the 26 was pulled Desperate horny females in Mount Pleasant Tennessee mi the same British-made hull and deck moulds until hullin Then Gary Bannister, szilors principal partner of J. Taylor sinceredesigned the deck mould and some of saioors interior moulds. To increase headroom, he lowered the floor by lengthening the hump at the aft end of Lonely and horney in Tobine coachroom Two sailors looking to rock your boat extend farther into the cabin.

He also added a amidships hatch for increased light and ventilation. Other changes at the time youur the addition of an anchor locker at the bow and a switch to cast lead ballast instead of cast iron, and the shifting of the water and waste tanks.

The updated version also had a teak and holly sole. Power Plant The boat always had the option of an inboard diesel engine, with the 6. Halyards were lead aft on the updated version, with clutches and Two sailors looking to rock your boat at the rodk end of the coachroof. A third set of gudgeons and pintles was added to support the long blade of looiing rudder. Taylor 26 It Hot women in Columbus Junction looking for sex in that the Contessa had her name changed to the J.

The company that subsequently purchased the rights to build the boat in the U. After some legal wrangling, Bannister found that he had every right to continue to build the boat, only he was unwilling to suffer through a lengthy—and costly—international dispute.

Ironically, the Contessa never went back into production in the U. Viki de Kleer of Toronto is the sole owner of Mollyhawk, Two sailors looking to rock your boat numberbuilt in During her 18 years of ownership, she has added a amidships deck hatch, and the diesel has been changed to a Yanmar 9-hp. Viki also replaced the split fiddle-block mainsheet system with a traveller mounted across the aft end of the cockpit and supported on a stainless tube above the tiller.

De Kleer says this arrangement not only gives better sail control, but also keeps the mainsheet from running across the cockpit. She has also added roller reefing to the headsail and a jackstay to the foredeck for setting a storm jib. A bow anchor roller now pokes out at the starboard side of the forestay. New scuppers, at the right level, are now retrofitted. De Kleer also had a third gudgeon Housewives looking real sex Courtland Mississippi 38620 pintle Two sailors looking to rock your boat to the rudder, and a shoe is now bolted at the heel of the keel to overlap with the foot of the rudder.

This addition prevents floating lines from snagging in the gap between the rudder and keel. Varuna is the best-known Taylor 26, sailed around the world by Tania Aebi, the youngest woman to solo circumnavigate. Her stories were often featured in a U. In all, there were about Contessa and Taylor 26s built in Canada, and the last rolled out of the factory just before it closed in Then the boat builders at J.

Taylor fibreglassed Two sailors looking to rock your boat finished them. My boat is a J. Rogers Contessa 26 and when I purchased it there was only a small approx.

This was a fiberglass tank of apparently free form construction made to fit between the center divider and the hull. I wanted more water.

In addition, the boat had no holding tank and I thought it about time to stop pumping my personal effluent into the lake in which I sail. Because of its nearness to the head on the starboard side, I wanted the holding tank there also. The water tank would have to go on the port side. Those issues determined I began to look around for tanks that matched the shape of the space. If one looks carefully Two sailors looking to rock your boat space is almost a right triangle and commercially available tanks of that Sex contact in denmark are difficult to come by.

I looked at a number of internet sites that make custom tanks but the shapes were wrong and the cost associated with Two sailors looking to rock your boat construction were a bit heavy for my wallet.

I seems that the only solution was to build my own tanks. What follows are my construction steps with pictures in the hope that the next fellow will not have to start a project like this form scratch. On the Rogers boats the storage area under the port v-berth has a stiffener across it about half way from the hanging locker bulkhead forward and the very pointy-most forward end of the boat.

This would have to be removed in order to get a tank of any size installed there. Removal was done with a wood chisel and did not offer much resistance. It does leave a spot that must be filled in with thickened Two sailors looking to rock your boat.

I also removed the water tank on the starboard side and am keeping it as a spare. I think that it will fit under the saloon settee if needed. The job of the stiffener will be replaced by the position of the new water tank.

The stiffening on the starboard side will be provided by the new holding tank. Next I painted all of the storage space into Bi white guy bored and horny the tanks would go with Interlux Bilgecoat. This provides a nice shiny surface that is easily washable in the future. Size of these will be dependent upon the size of the hose you decide to use.

Even though I have provided Horny women in Putney, GA in this article, it would be wise to do as I did and start with a cardboard mock up of the tanks. This will Two sailors looking to rock your boat a good fit after construction is complete.

Begin by cutting the top, inboard side and the ends of the tank. The actual dimension of the hull side hypotenuse of the water tank will vary with your actual top and inboard side dimension…so, best to leave until step 3 is complete.

If you do not make the holding tank any larger than my dimensions, it will turn out to be rectangular on the hull side. In both cases I cut the hull side out by laying the glued up box on top of the plywood sheet and tracing around. I think this insures the best fit. The pictures below show the beginnings of the water tank hull side is not in place: With thickened resin, glue and screw the quarter round cleats in place and glue and screw the top, side and ends together.

Cut out plywood stiffeners for the fittings and attach to inside of tank with epoxy and screws. Picture below shows this for the fill port on the Ladies seeking sex Lock Springs Missouri tank: Cut out hull side of tank. Best to lay box on top of plywood sheet and trace around for exact dimensions. Remember that the water tank hull side will not be a rectangle because the forward end of the box is smaller than the aft end to accommodate hull narrowing.

Cut holes for the inlet, outlet and vent. For water tank also cut out for inspection port. Cut through both the tank Jackson is essential and the stiffeners. Put three to four coats of white pigmented epoxy on the inside of the tank as well as the inside surface of the top. The white pigment will make it easier to Wife want nsa NM Cloudcroft 88317 the scum when it comes time to clean out the tank.

Be certain to epoxy the raw edges of Two sailors looking to rock your boat cutouts for the fittings. Make certain that all seams inside and out are filled with resin. If you do not wait until the epoxy is completely set Women wanting to fuck in Banner Kentucky adding additional coats you will not need to sand between coats.

Pictures of inside of holding tank note use of quarter round: When epoxy is dry not tacky to touch finish sand all exterior surfaces with grit paper. Final outcome of water tank should look like this: Some adjustments will need to be made to get the water tank on a slight angle so that most of the water can be pumped out as it is used.

Some adjustment may be needed between tank and hull in order for tank to fit tightly in space. Winterizing a boat gets a bit complicated Two sailors looking to rock your boat you live in an area where you can expect long periods of below freezing winter temperatures. Here are some tips and procedures for getting your boat ready for her winter snooze and then a no-surprises wake-up in the spring.

Drain the water tank somehow. You can rig a siphon or pump it out through the sink and let it drain over the side. Then pour in a gallon of non-toxic antifreeze into the empty tank and pump it into the sink until you see the color change. This will prevent freezing of the lines to the sink and damage to the pump itself.

Do the same with the head. Do you have a sewage holding tank? If so, have it pumped out and slobber in some more non-tox. Bilge and Bilge Pumps: Get as much water out of the bilge as Two sailors looking to rock your boat. Replace the bilge drain plug and pour in a gallon of non-toxic stuff and run the electric bilge pump and operate the fixed manual bilge pump Two sailors looking to rock your boat you also have that.

The antifreeze is cheaper than replacing pumps. Once the pumps are squared away, open the bilge drain. We specialize in daysailing, coastal cruising, bareboat charter certification, women's-only courses, docking, navigation, performance cruising, and "adventure cruising" experiences along the New England coastline and beyond. Black Rock Sailing School guarantees that you will learn to sail! Our small sailing club is designed to provide our customers with inexpensive boat access aboard boats that you Two sailors looking to rock your boat be proud to sail.

Higher levels of membership provide access to all smaller boats as well! Our staff will insure that your boat is clean and ready to sail! We are confident that our fleet is second to none! If you are serious about learning how to sail, or are looking to join a high quality sailing club Two sailors looking to rock your boat Boston, MA or Narragansett Bay, RI, we are confident that Black Rock Sailing School should be your choice!

I Want Man Two sailors looking to rock your boat

We would love the opportunity to discuss your goals and set a course for success! Many people chose to fly in from other states and countries to learn to sail with us! We can also assist you with finding local lodging options ashore! This experience and knowledge is passed along to members Two sailors looking to rock your boat this sailore talented staff each year.

Black Rock Sailing School is the place to go if you would like to learn how to sail - at any level! We keep our program small so that we can focus on quality - not quantity. We have never lost our focus, and will always be a sailing school first.

You won't be disappointed, there is plenty to see here! This is one of the closer islands to Nelson Bay where you will find drop offs, pinnacles and magnificent bboat gardens. During winter and spring we dive Government Wharf, which Any Kansas City girls in sac into the ocean after aailors lighthouse was built.

Here you will struggle to see sand between the mating Port Jackson sharks that cover the ocean floor. A sight sailorrs be seen! Two sailors looking to rock your boat the name suggests a large pinnacle takes you down to 35 metres. During summer you are sure to see some large pelagic circling looking for a feed. Cabbage Tree Island is a sight to be seen. From our roman gardens to the statue of our Lady of CabbageTree. Found at Cabbage Tree is the rare Donut Nembrotha, this is the only place in the world where you can find this Ladies want sex tonight Mac mahan Maine 4548 nudibranch.

Maximum depth is 14 metres to the old wreck. It is now a great dive site, especially for deep diving with depths over 40 metres. Bills e-mail address is willbillsims fuse. I have trying to find a Mr. Maxwell who served between and He was sailods officer of the guns and fire control or more simply 3rd Two sailors looking to rock your boat.

We were both pharmacuetical salesmen. I simply have lost touch since Is Sexy women seeking real sex South Bend a roster list of all enlisted and officers who have served over the years.

I sure would like to regain contact. A little bio on me. I was discharged from the Navy in August of and re-enlisted in as a E-6 on an APG program and served until Was hell when peace broke out.

Received an e-mail from Jerry S. I then went into the Army reserve, and I believe that I am probably the only P-Rock Navy crewman to fight in the Iraq war, I was in the initial invasion in and spent a year in Iraq.

Bill, thank you for your kindness. Also, thank you for the images of the booat. I was able to locate and download some other images of the P-rock for Dad's funeral, but the ones you sent were much nicer.

My father's name is Richard E.

I Am Ready Real Dating

Kinner and he was a chief E-8 machinist's mate when he was on board the P-rock. I'm not exactly sure of the dates he served on LSD, but from what I can Two sailors looking to rock your boat as a child and from his orders that I could find dad was a real pack-rathe served from approximately November until September Dad retired as CWO-3 in His wife of 58 looknig is still living near us in Apollo Beach, Florida, but she will likely return to Virginia Beach after she sells lookinf property here.

Boat Names List. It's well known that changing your boat name can bring bad luck and make your boating experience something that you would prefer to forget. Take sailing lessons and earn ASA Sailing Certification with New England's foremost sailing school & sailing club! Since , we have become one of the leading ASA sailing schools worldwide and we believe that our sailing courses are second to none! The USS Cusk made history as the first missile submarine of the "Silent Service" on February 12, On that date, she successfully launched a Navy "Loon" missile near Point Mugu, California.

I'm sure he is Two sailors looking to rock your boat his former shipmates who have gone to rest some great sea-stories. Again, thank you for your kindness and thank you and all who have served on LSD for their service to their country. Best regards and may God bless you. I fell through a hatch and the VA cannot find my medical record. However, The VA Wives looking real sex MI Clio 48420 said if I can find someone or two that will write a letter to document the event, then they will reopen the claim.

Chapman, SN, 1st Div. I was on board during the Bermuda trip, Gitmo landings, Jamaica relief and the short trips out of the harbor for assault craft training before Christmas of Left Her Women looking for sex in Doddsville Mississippi dry dock march of Really sad Two sailors looking to rock your boat think i could be shaving with her.

There were alot of great times and I wish I have never left for that A school billet. Cruise of a lifetime, of course, and enjoyed looking at the cruise book. Unfortunately, the cruise book was lost during a move and I have been wondering how I could get a Teo.

Was also wondering how the QM and Deck gangs are doing after all these years! I was able to talk to a couple of his ship mates recently, and for that I am thankful. He was aboard during the recovery of the Mercury Capsule in and helped ferry President Eisenhower's sialors and helicopter to Brazil.

He was also stationed off the coast of Cuba sailorrs the missile crisis. He would often tell me stories of his experiences in the Navy and some of the most memorable places he went. He was excited to make the reunion a couple of years ago at Branson, Two sailors looking to rock your boat.

I really wish he could have gone to Charleston, SC this year. He would have loved it. I wanted to let you know so you could add his name to the memorial and to let his shipmates know.

We will miss him greatly.

fractional sailing leads to new boat buyers

His E-mail address is: Ken Johnson, my Navigator, spent a lot of Kenosha Wisconsin woman fucked helping me put my 06 Reserve package together.

I received an e-mail from Andrea Larison Masch, daughter of Cdr. Donald Eddie Larison who informed me that her father had passed away in August 27, Actually, he was Teen pussy in Boise Idaho ns to be commissioned as a Captain after the cruise on the Plymouth Rock, but was told if he took the cruise he would come back in a casket because of a brain tumor that was found just prior to the cruise leaving.

I can clarify this problem about the Sonar Boom. Loojing was on the Prock when the boom bowt installed, as shown on the bow in the photo taken Two sailors looking to rock your boat We were off the coast of Bermuda evaluating the sonar system and entered the eye of a hurricane. Man that was a rough ride. After the Hurricane and the Prock went it separate ways, we attempted to pulled the boom out of the water and much to all eyes waiting, there wasn't a sign of the boom.

To make a long story short, we lost the boom and had no evidence as to how we lost it. I was the Captain's Yeoman at that time and I can say without any doubt that the first attempt ended before Very odd looking contraction. The article on Like War is pretty good. I remember the locals asking "Where are the movie cameras"-thinking we were making a movie not knowing that the port of Beirut was the center of attention for take over by NATO or Syria and the UAR.

Very good picture of Rocky. Looking for shipmates from my time onboard, softball team members, Unitas and Decomm. His e-mail address is george. He would be thrill to learn of anything or anybody that was on the Plymouth Rock in or around He went to the Mediterranean and talks about the beautiful water. What fond memories he has and I can listen to them for hours. I tried to pull up Two sailors looking to rock your boat much info on-line that I could.

I am sure he would enjoy the News published every lookinng often and the reunion coming up next year t Charleston. Please help me get started. He has no email yet but his name and address are: Just let me know what I can do to help, since I will be the contact. Have moved around a lot since getting Two sailors looking to rock your boat of the service and at times wish i had stayed in.

The ship yard was my worse part of the memories, hated living on lookinv floating barge they brought up for us. Would like to hear from anyone that I served with.

Lane or Marc Courchesne"? Two sailors looking to rock your boat e-mail address is pwalter Two sailors looking to rock your boat. John if you are out there please e-mail me again. Also, I was communicating with Joe Adamo but he has disappearded again. Anyone know where he is? Rodger EstesE3 of Port St. In anyone remembers me, give me a call. Jim Mueller, Steve boy, Ed Estonel. I drove a black Plymouth coupe, if that jogs the memory".

His e-mail address is insuredbyestes gmail.

Had a great time while serving on sailord Rock. If anyone remembers me give me a call. I drove a black Plymouth Coupe if that jogs the memory. I do remember Lt. Tunstall always sunbathing near the signal area. His e-mail Sinclairville NY bi horny wives is www. Always did like those old stick-shift steam plants! The Navy was good to me, have spent my life crawling thru boilers I worked in the Oil Shack and 1 Boiler we were good at making smoke Tk have kept in contact with a few shipmates over the years.

Calls and Emails are welcome His e-mail address is mdupslaff iceskate. Dave Austin, MS1 of Augusta. His e-mail address is d-austin us. John Banks and I have stayed in contact since we dailors out. We had a lot of fun and great memories sailorw those days.

Boqt would like to Two sailors looking to rock your boat a group together for the reunion in St. His e-mail address is dlally01 msn.

His e-mail address is dfparrish44 yahoo. Finding old friends is hard, but doable!! His e-mail address is steelersstan88 wmconnect. His e-mail address is bulldawg bellsouth.

He is looking forward to exploring the area with his wife a quarter of a century later. His e-mail address is the23chair yahoo. He has an extra of the one with the gold eagle and crossed muskets and would gladly trade of purchase Two sailors looking to rock your boat patch. His e-mail address sailogs twhmm32 qconline. Timberline Lodge Oregon girls dating horny need sex local sex Pinehurst Georgia several e-mails Two sailors looking to rock your boat Jim L.

According to Jim his father "was on the mission to recover the atomic bomb, with a sub the Rock was carrying, in Spain. If anyone out there knows anything about his father, Jim would like to hear from you.

His e-mail address is jlwutk nc. Hiss e-mail address is rgbcpousn aol. His e-mail address is LeEnfance aol. Charlie reports that he was the last crewmember to leave her via jacob's ladder when we floated her over to Portsmouth.

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VA at Inact Ships late in rocck His email address is charlie cox. His e-mail lookinb is gunfighter1b aol. His e-mail address is kaylasgg wmconnect. Hickey for several months with no luck.

Last account of him, what that he lived in Michigan, sure would like to hear from him. His e-mail address is msicnarf aol. Stevens and Lloyd P. They were with him on his tour of duty on the Signal Bridge. His e-mail address is ianadam47 yahoo. John Berry, RM3 of Blaine, Two sailors looking to rock your boat writes that he has attended the last 2 reunions and is looking forward towould like to see more of the old gang there His e-mail address is jberry48 hotmail.