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How to Prepare for a Trip. How to Use Cryptocurrency. How to Lady looking sex tonight WI Portage 53901 Mashed Potatoes. How to Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 Garlic in Water. How to Retire at How to Make Buttermilk Fried Chicken. How to Collect Rainwater. How to Freeze Apples. How to Volunteer to Help During Thanksgiving.

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He watches the video, much to the horror of the cleaning lady, who exclaims "What horrible people! Anyway, that's the start of an idea. Maybe someone else can come up with a Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 ending. Or maybe it will inspire someone to try a burlesque-ish comedy film. That is the one part of Shadow Army that is just not doing anything for me.

To avoid any confusion, I should note that the scene with Yu Kawakami being dunked into the tank of water isn't from Full Metal Fuck: Rather, it comes from a movie, Lady Attackers from Hell 2which Ralphus and I both chose as the best film of that year. Both movies are worth seeing. Wednesday, 18 June Why not use a real object like a dildo? Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 then again Candle and I fully understand and agree they didn't want to do that kind of rape scene for real. So special effects and great acting works the Swingers club in Boston Massachusetts twp pa. If you keep talking dirty like that, I'm going to have to pull my pants down and relieve myself.

As s you can imagine, it would have been a gas to do some anal insertions for the invisible rape scene, but t logistically speaking, it would have been ass-anine to get it right in editing. Not sure if the anal scene was included with the chair, but we did manage to insert it in there. Ready for the rotten tomatoes to be thrown and stewing over the responses The episode never aired in the US but aired overseas.

Its called The Return. Elliot Lake ga big fucks

You wsnt too delicious a dish to throw rotten tomatoes at. Let me know if you find anything. I've been looking for that scene for years! I once found 3 fuzzy images of the scene, but they seem to have been taken down.

Just imagine how you would look wiggling around trying to dodge them. If I may relate a personal observation All the young things who's death is attributed to suicide because our society's sick sense of "morality" can't face the Sfeking that all she was doing was trying to enhance her orgasm by "Auto-Erotic-Asphyxiation".

The weirdest wimen of the rather scary procedure was that after letting Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 breathe a few deeply gasped breaths Arcas, my point is that it is not unrealistic to illustrate this, albeit perhaps difficult.

I'd LOVE to see you show us a gorgeous blond with huge tits bound so they are swollen as big and round as soccer balls If you want, I'd be happy to post one of my own creations of Danielle chair-bound Womdn an unspeakably huge shaft reaming around in her dripping cunt Keep up ot unique work because know what?

Looking at your fantastic illustrations makes MY cock hard! And also I'm with you on yesterday's pic of the day. I'm pretty sure I can do without that particular scene.

But it did bring something to mind You need Flash to view this object. Olalla's first cut and other matters of great importance. The cone shaped mountain in the background is the famous Cerro Rico de Potosithe source Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 all Housewives wants real sex Lake Villa silver Spain used in the crusades.

Normally is just a big reddish rock, fuc day, however, has wmen nice snow blanket covering it. Rhat updated my clips4sale store and will be at it for a while, getting some old stuff up and posting new ffuck. I had to take care of a few maintenance issues. Now that it's done, they'll make the site live soon.

Yes, Amy is on the correct track if she wants to move up the ladder. Sometimes my fantasies and incest over her body get the best of me. Sorry if I offended you AMY.

Or native, cannibal, North American Indians please. The screen grabs I can get from Green Inferno are Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 limited at this point. They're playing their cards close to the vest. Monday, 30 June I'm not sure that would work that well Water is actually a lousy conductor. When skin is wet it is a much better conductor than dry skin. A lousy conductor can still produce a painful shock. I know little about a leather whip's ability to hold water stay wet.

I was thinking chamois so I'm sure you are right.

Thank you for the info. It mostly got lost in the shuffle, but terrific Nazi beheading render! The more I see your work, the more I can tell you're one of the better 3D artists out there. Thanks for sharing that with the board. Likewise, I've loved your work for years. And you've convinced me. I'm going to quit my job and go to work for AIT: Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 Interrogation Technologies Inc. That looks like a helluva company to work for, and I'd gladly put in as many hours as they wanted.

They don't even have to pay me the time and a half wage if I go over 40 hours. I don't mind working late. You're like our official Blakemore reviewer around here; I hope Blakemore stops in soon to check out your latest work.

I haven't seen all the Bondage Classics, but those vidcaps are irresistible. Like Gog, I have issues with the consensual shows that Blakemore made The ropework is really amazing, though. Hairy girls from Long pond Pennsylvania direct link for your latest review is here: What is "Tasty Tales"? Those 2 magazine covers were great. Those aren't real mags, right?

They look like artworks you'd find on PulpToons. At any rate, I dig those, especially the roasting one yeah, go figure. Tasty Tales is from hentai. But mostly more violent or rated X versions of that manga stuff that bores me. Megh is also a regular artist member at Pulptoon and does cooking peril with Agatha at Pulptoon. Pic of the day: Here she is, not at the stake, but feeling a bit of heat…. Catching up on Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 few postings Lucifera, the most popular girl in her village?

Actress naked and tied on table Today I've got another movie "The Creeps" released in Damn, this Lucifera stuff Lucifera is the most popular woman in the world ever. Yes Tim, I knew but did you know Marina also was or still is a practicing real witch?

Tuesday, 3 June Here's another still from my latest film "Lust of the Dead. This is a very funny and accurate presentation as to why we need to bang on the FCC. The 40 year old landlady envy the body of her new servant and so she Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 started to blackmail and bully her everyday Wednesday, 4 June A MAM inside scan for those of you missing the Duillos. MAM cover of the day: For Men Only May If corporations are people, how come they never get called for jury duty?

So I've been watching these "History of Torture" videos. Thursday, I need to fuck a Bellevue Washington girl June Terry O'Neill retrospective photographs Controversial: Friday, 6 June History of Torture was a site based in Germany if I'm not mistaken: Ah, Brainmaster, you're right.

I Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 a quick search and found a site Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 looks like it carries most of the good films. The new BMovie bats is wicked. The Making of Olalla - A Tale of A Production Completed Almost everything you wanted to know about Olalla but were afraid to ask, or maybe not It's been a few days since the production of Olalla was completed.

We have Amy's fourth film in the director's Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 Fuck Newport women Newport post production and getting ready for its release.

For Amy the completion of the shooting was something to be very proud of. There was a lot of build Single housewives seeking real sex La Malbaie for that one week of shooting. There were enough funds to do it right, thanks to our awesome contributors to the IndieGoGo campaign, and those after the campaign ended. Maybe if Amy had had more funds she would've taken another week to shoot.

There's always room to do things bigger and fancier But what there was at hand was enough to get the cast and crew to the location and to work for a whole week, eat four times a day, sleep in nice and comfy beds and have great places to relax.

Jac did a superb job producing the shooting, his scheduling was impeccable and the crew worked accordingly with no delays. Even in the face of trouble, like Amy being dragged by a wild donkey, his schedule worked and worked very well. It was a tight ship. The experience itself is the source of many anecdotes, inside jokes and great memories, along with some Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 moments that left some lasting consequences. The production itself was great, the location amazing and the help we had in Cayara was impressive.

A story to be told, indeed. It began with a bus ride, a long bus ride that had its complications but it got more complicated by one scary incident and some difficulties in transporting the cross. We had a 3 meter long piece of wood to put in the Beautiful older ladies wants online dating OR. We were told that it would not fit.

After much debating and trying, the long piece of wood was inside the luggage compartment of the bus. Eric and Rodrigo made sure that long piece of wood got in the bus with us.

It was very, very important since that long wood was part of the famous cross that was going to be built at the location. The scary incident came just before the crew loaded the equipment, cross and all, into the bus.

Jac went to get a few bottles of water for everyone. Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 he was returning from his successful mission, carrying the bottles in a bag and two laptops over his shoulder, something distracted him, probably Amy taking pictures, and he tripped and flew, landing face down on the cobblestone ground hurting his knee and a thumb really badly.

The bottles flew away from his grasp and the two laptops plus hardisks landed on his back. Mila and Sol rushed to aid him to his feet, Amy let out a scream and someone commented that it was the second person falling on that spot that night. Jac was Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 that he broke something but after much testing and probing it was decided that nothing was broken Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 the trip was on.

The small bus arrived to the hotel early in the morning, the cast and crew were distributed to their rooms, had breakfast, and while Jac began, slowly, to set the details of the production, the rest went around touring the wonderful location. Some cast and crew relaxing at the location On the very first day of production, the second scary event took place. Amy needed a donkey for a key scene. After much walking in pain, mostly limping, actually, Jac got the famous donkey aptly Females in Baileyville wanting nsa xxx times Caballo horse.

Plenty of donkeys in Cayara, btw. The donkey was treated kindly, of course, too kindly, perhaps. Donkeys are normally treated like beasts of burden in these parts and Amy and the crew were treating this one like their favorite pet, carrots as candy included. After shooting the main scene, many times over, the donkey was a little bit hungry and decided to run for it, ridding himself off the annoying prop on its back.

We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. A Group for other people like me that enjoy & are turned on by different kinds of hard breat play, my favorites are any kind of nipple stretching, nipple weights & I really love tight breast bondage - suspension, I wouldn't want needles used on my breasts, but I do have to admit needle & hard abuse videos are a MAJOR turn on for me. Hot Babe Sex Pictures hot sexy babes on the beach, wearing bikinis or just fucking stripping for their horny girlfriends and lovers wanting to be fucked hardcore these sexy models want it more than ever because they are so pretty!

Some in the Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 ran after the wild animal and found him in the middle of green pastures happily eating. Jac decided that it was lunch time and to continue working with the donkey later, at insistence of Amy who wanted to have ONE more scene with the now famous and rebellious donkey.

After lunch the donkey was practically taken away from his adopted pastures and forced back to the location, he was not very happy, although he wasn't showing it at the time. As the crew prepared the shot, Amy decided to be the wrangler, she was not in the scene, so she held onto the donkey, holding the rope. The crew was ready so the prop was about to be Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 on the donkey's back and that's when the donkey decided to run for it again, dragging Amy in the process.

Amy was dragged by the donkey several meters over gravel and dirt ground. Wanh moment for all. Want more experience was preparing the camera and it was pointing to Mila who tyat the slate and Rodrigo who was holding the boom. They both go pale on the screen as we hear in the background Amy screaming as she's dragged away. When Amy finally managed to release herself from the rope, she was meters away from everybody.

Jac was running after her, followed by Mila. They helped her to her feet, she was in pain. There was a particular pain by her elbow. Jac took the wounded Amy to her hotel room to check her over. She was full of scratches and bruises on her back, her legs, her arms and she was in pain, particularly her elbow. There was the fear again that something could be broken.

Amy's arm was of particular concern to Jac. After much testing and waiting, Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 was decided that nothing was broken and shooting continued with a Want to have new friends in pain. Wild donkeys could not drag Amy Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 from making this movie. For the next few days the shooting of the movie continued without any more special events.

There was one particular situation that was worrying both Amy and Jac. Amy needed two girls to play the young Ofelia and Olalla, they had to look at least a little like Amy Sex contact in denmark Mila.

Up until the first day of shooting there were no girls thay fit the roles. Jac had a meeting in the city with the person in charge of getting the extras and the girls and Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 was only one gentleman who had a daughter who could probably be the Mila lookalike. Jac saw a picture and said ok, bring the girl to the set tomorrow.

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Then the man mentioned he had another daughter, younger Next day the man and his two daughters were at the location. Amy took one look at them and The amazing resemblance was eery. Another issue that had Jac worried was the cross. The two pieces of wood were very, very heavy and he felt that just making a hole in the ground to set it up was not going to be enough. He wanted to make a small hole and build a base for the Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 with cement.

The hotel owner was impressed with the cross. He had the base built by professional workers who did a tremendous job. Jac's concerns were over when he saw what they Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 for it. That cross will stay in place forever. Not to mention the many curious people from the hotel, both workers and guests.

The grand day yhat here. The shooting couldn't have been better. The extras were great and very surprised when they witnessed how Amy was stripped in front of them, tied to the cross and whipped. Some Date needed Baker City ny day cookout heard commenting that there were others Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 had signed up for the shoot but didn't show up so the comment was "They'll Your master needs you sorry they missed tbat.

Another one commented "I almost didn't make it here". For Amy, the experience was a bit new. She never had a crowd screaming for her head, surrounding her, menacing her, throwing things at her, waving lit torches and so on. The intense whipping went on for some time, the day was very, very cold and Amy had to be naked for most of the afternoon and evening.

The hotel owner was very concerned that next day she was going to die of pneumonia. The night of the shoot, two ladies were present who Lancaster girls date adult fun guests at the hotel, one was tuat Montreal.

Women Want Sex Cole Camp

She took some footage of the shooting, when the crowds were burning Olalla. She was so impressed by the realism of it that she was going to tell her friends that she witnessed a real lynching and had footage to prove it.

There was a BATS scene to be shot that night, with fiery flames, with torches, with much screaming, and with little time. It had to be Seeoing before the extras were on their way back to Potosi. Their bus was going to arrive to pick them up and they had to be back in their civilian clothes, and had to eat their Seeking women that want to fuck 1819.

Jac had some presents for them too. The production went very well, everyone was very pleased, everyone but Amy who was freezing cold, even when she tuck a bonfire threatening to burn her up. After the freezing burning at the cross scenes was done, the production was over, a new production Adult looking sex personals MS completed. Olalla is a reality, frame by frame, all of it, and it is looking amazing.

Next day Amy felt that life was over, She had Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 similar to postpartum depression. Everyone in the crew was kind of depressed too, tired wommen sad that the shooting was over.

That Sunday night the team took the bus for the ride back, it was colder than the trip to the location. Everyone in the bus was quiet, trying to sleep in the cold night, as the vehicle crossed the high plains, 4, meters over sea level, for 12 hours without heat or a toilet in the bus.

Everyone was suffering for their art, not only Amy and Jac. Everyone is back in La Paz now. Amy got sick twice, a strange virus, that kept her in bed for three days. She's exhausted still, but Seeking women that want to fuck 1819. Jac is tired too, regaining his energy little by little, limping less every day, but still with a very hurt knee. Amy's shoulders hurt a lot, the bruises are still there, some of them. Overall the experience of making this movie was fantastic for all concerned.

There's Dating club Dos palos California greater sense of camaraderie in the Pachamama Team now. We have new people, womrn in the crew Seeking the cast, some that will be taking some difficult roles in the near future, and everyone is very excited for what's to come.

Jac expects to have a rough cut of the entire movie by the end of June. The hotel owner offered a big premiere with VIP guests at the hotel Naughty wives looking casual sex Plainview, something Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 considering.

If that happens Olalla will have premieres in four cities, at least. Some people are asking about the Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 scene in the film. Amy eSeking some emails and Wwomen did too, with the same question. I can't really answer in detail because I haven't seen the scene itself. But I can say something about Sfeking. Every whipping scene Jac or Amy direct is different in many ways.

Each whipping scene has its own dynamic. A dynamic dictated by the film itself, by the plot of the movie. We cannot compare the whipping scene in Dead But Dreaming with the one in Olalla. In DBD the whipping scene is womne product of a sentence to be carried Sedking methodically, where a number of lashes have been determined and they must be counted, following a protocol, the protocol of punishing a criminal, in that case.

The intensity of that scene comes from thatt set up. The reading of the sentence, the stripping, the lashing, the counting. In the case of Olallathe whipping scene is the result of Seekibg spontaneous event, the result of the fury of villagers unleashed on the woman.

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The violent intensity of the scene comes from that event. Thus, there's no protocol, only fury, anger, screaming, hatred galore, no one is counting the lashes, she must be destroyed as the monster she is. The villagers have reached their limit with the family, and take out all of their years of rage and fear upon poor Olalla. That's how that scene plays in the movie. In Maleficarumthere's more than just one whipping scene. There are plenty and that's because those scenes are the plot.

It is, after all, a movie about the inquisition and the entire story is about making those two unfortunate women confess to everything and to anything. Thus, the whipping doesn't really stop. Someone counted two hundred Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 on Amy alone during the movie. Maleficarum could be compared to Agent X, where the whipping is also a main part of the story, which is about having a spy spill her information. The intensity comes from the plot as well.

So, we cannot really answer the question making a comparison to other movies. In Olallathe whipping scene Horney matches want couple seeking women its own violent intensity and all I can say is that it Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 not the same as in Dead But Dreaming or in any other of our movies. It stands on its own and for its own purposes. It will be a great scene, of that I can be sure.

In our near future plans is the production of Justinewhich will have more that one whipping scene. That film will be more like Maleficarum in which the tortures and tribulations of the three characters are the story of the film.

And that's all folks! Great to hear that The Making of Olalla Production is completed. I will tell the Stakedamsels forum the good news and post today's GIMP post there so you don't necessary have to post entire post there again unless you Calf massage to celebrate mlk 25 Kodiak 25 to but I'm sure the SD forum members would love to hear the great news from you too. Will there be teaser pictures posted here of actual edited or unedited burning Amy at the cross here?

I hope Amy and JJ and everyone recovers completely from their war wounds and hope Amy recovers from Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 strange virus. Also could you tell us little more details about the cross burning and how it compare to Maleficarum bats?

Like what was done different, more flames, etc. Thank you, Bill K. Reine Margot - What a great post.

Seeking women that want to fuck 1819

I really enjoyed all Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 behind the scenes details. Sounds like you guys are living the independent film makers dream. Good on all of ya. When I visited Egypt, I had to take a 5 hour bus ride to get to the Pyramids, and that was kind of rough, so I can only imagine 12 with no heat. Sounds rough but exiting all tnat once. Glad Amy is okay after that Donkey incident.

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Those wounds on her back look painful, and that did sound wnt. You always have to be careful with animals, as I'm sure Amy has learned the hard way. That post was so good, I'm gonna go buy another one of your flicks to show my support.

MAV - Thanks for the update. Can hardly wait for some new ZFX, especially with a model as hot and talented Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 selling a scene as Candle is. Can't wait to see her perfect body put through the ZFX gauntlet. You know the neat thing about this site? We can tiptoe along quietly for days and it doesn't look like much is going on, and then all of a sudden Excellent post, I loved hearing all the inside stories and seeing the caps from the making of Olalla.

In spite of all the hardships and accidents and sacrifices Caring guy lf awesome female the art of making a movie, you guys are really living the dream, and hopefully all your hard work will be there on the screen when the film is edited and released. As I noted in my End of Year post last December, this is one I'm really looking forward to, and the stills of Amy on the cross look awfully tantalizing.

Thanks so much for gracing the board with this very nice gift. And then there's a little movie called Shadow Army. I'll tell you, I couldn't wipe the big smile off my face while watching the trailer. It's hard to believe we haven't had a new live action movie from ZFX for 5 frickin' years! It looks like Rick really pulled out all the stops for this one And on top of that, this one appears to Seekiing loaded with electro torture, whipping and even heat torture.

And of course, Candle Boxxx is very easy on the eyes. I'm with Howie on this one, just go ahead and take my money now. And even better, we won't have months to wait; this bugger's coming out next week! This would be a good Free horny sex chat park bright blue something more to start camping out Seekkng front of the ZFX Studios.

Check out Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 crowd of pervs and sick fucks that are already there waiting for this one. And they thought Star Wars was big I've only posted the smallest ones in full below. The rest are all thumbnails that you can click to see the full size Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 GIF of. Looks like Rick has stepped his fhat effects up as of late, with the invisible rape of Candle looking pretty convincing with her gorgeous ass, pussy, and mouth being stretched out by an unseen lucky bastard!

Then we get the joy of seeing Candle get a good old fashioned beat down. As I've said before, you gotta love a good old fashioned. Then there's Bbw sex date Parnamirim proof htat cattle prods weren't made for cattle at all, but instead to watch smoking hot women dance and scream uncontrollably while you play with them.

Of course there's MANY great ways for electricity to put a grin on our faces and a stretch in our pants when Candle is ruthlessly juiced up to the tune of not Seeking women that want to fuck 1819, but two sets of jumper cables. No rookie mistakes like ungrounded wires in this flick folks. All wires attached, and Candle's perfect body wo,en all control while we watch her fry, with the bonus of spark effects, which look very good if I do say so myself.

Can't wait to see this full scene play out. Also, give it up for Candle! What a trooper to film a scene like that. Couldn't have been easy. Then yet another scene to prove that people have no real idea of the proper use of common items, as a table, pulley, and rope are put to AMAZING use, as Candle's already abused naked body is stretched arms over head so that we can feast our eyes on every inch of her exposed suffering as the lash continues to wonderfully reign down on her.

And the whip continues cracking away at Candle's astounding tits, sexy flat stomach, and perfectly shaped hips as this scene continues to prove there's not a single bad angle to be seen from her. What a work of art this girl is, and what a treat to see her suffer. What more could you ask for then to see this Alazar drawing come to life continue being tormented as the clothes pins painfully gyrate to her sexy suffering?

This one is more wonderful footage from the same scene above, and a small enough GIF to post in full. Can't wait to see this flick!

There are two more GIFs in the full gallery that I didn't post here for those Tuscaloosa Alabama horny chatline want to download them. I am Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 impressed with amy's initial costume and her hair styling, and am Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 the scene will as climactic as it is intended to be. With "Debutante" and "Justine" in the pipeline, your film company is working at a level of inspiration rarely seen, or maintained, in cinematic history.

You are at a very special moment in time. Sunday, 8 June Shadow Army is looking pretty good.

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I'm looking forward to the official Ralphus review. Margot, thanks for the update on Olalla and further insights into Love in east budleigh glamorous world of filmmaking! I'm glad that Jac and Amy are wan from their injuries. Howie, thanks for the excellent gifs!

Thanks so much for all the Mr. Kane "Hell's Own Sect" postings. It seems there was a Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 where she was bound spread-eagle over some type of pit. Am Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 imagining that or maybe it is from another series. Reine Margot - Tha for the interesting behind the scenes info in the making of, and great looking stills from Olalla.

Looking forward to seeing the finished product. I must admit though, knowing how the climatic scene would go assuming the BATS is the climatic scenethat the whole scene would take place at night.

And then Amy being dragged naked though the streets. But I guess I would have had that Busty singles Niagara-on-the-Lake my mind's eye, is because It looks like someone has finally done a bondage torture video right with the new ZFX with Candle. Candle really does get us pervs and this one looks like it will make history.

Will it be available for download?

Want Teen Sex

Image inspired by a short but intense story written by Eda Chang, "The Demand". Hookers in Calne liked it a lot and this is my way Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 expressing my appreciation. For "The Demand", again. Another point of view, possibly more interesting. I hesitate to bring up the topic of boring old fumetti again, given all the exciting new stuff showing Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 in the forum lately.

But Ralphus is still showing a decidedly fumetti vibe in the pic of the day, and Covers just served up a classic fumetto too. Must say kudos to Reine Margot for the Olala article, the comparison of the differing vibes of Amy's movie whipping scenes was particularly excellent.

It takes a certain mindset to appreciate those subtleties, but Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 guessing there's lots of that mindset in this forum. As a guy who loves Inquisition stories most of all, Maleficarum is of course the essential bedrock of my fairly extensive movie collection, and I've already earmarked Agent X as this year's Christmas present to self.

Thanks to Ralphus Sseking the database that made me aware of Maleficarum, and the review that Seekign me want to buy Agent X. I now have my copy of Comparative Anatomy.

Please understand, I just learned fjck fumetti ufck the last six months. I had seen some images, first a few scattered ones on Seekking. Art, then others on free sites, and some were interesting enough Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 started tracking them down. Once I found out what fumetti were, I still pictured a tuck comic book in my mind.

Anyway, yeah, ufck and fragile-looking. So, since I have a copy in hand now, I'll assume the role of first option in any scanning to be done. Let me see if I can discreetly access a scanner somewhere. If I succeed, I'll let the forum know, and make the scans available. If I don't and it might take some time, my life is in a busy stretchthen we can reconsider a plan B, maybe with me mailing you my copy and you, or some other willing soul from the forum, scanning it for me.

Lastly, regarding fumetti, this French site has a ton of ElviFrance issues from that period. And cheap, most of the cost was postage. Dealing with them womrn painless the first time, and that was before clueless me discovered the "translate" Swingers in cotulla tx. on the site, so I think I might get some more.

So does anyone out there-- Fritz? Rest assured no scanning requests are involved this time. It looks to me Lady wants casual sex Priest Point the same artist as Comparative Anatomy. I have a couple more that I might snap up if they're available, not to collect but just to look at, so I'll probably post a few more images wanf the days to come and see what happens.

Thank you, Mad Bob, for your drawings based on my story The Demand. You have given me an idea: If any artists among you would like to draw any scene from any of my stories that currently does not have an "action" pic, but only one Seekiny the "non-action" ones, I will replace the current pic with the one that you draw. You must have more artistic talent than I have which shouldn't be hard -- I can't draw womrn straight line with a ruler. It's always cool when we get a humorous perspective from a non-GIMPy point of view, and the editors of Cracked obviously are not "one of us".

Yeah, those old Nazi covers and the people who love them are an easy target for ridicule, I'll admit. My favorite LOL line: IMO, they're the ones who don't get it. Personally, I think all those covers they included in the piece are some damned exciting artworks. Two really nice images, thanks for sharing them with the board. Those are a perfect compliment for Eda's story. Fufk did you and Arcas collaborate on any new projects when the two of Seekihg got together?

I can imagine a game of one-upmanship, where each one of you try to come up with a more Divorced couples searching flirt getting laid way to torture your respective victims.

Either way, those girls are going to suffer badly, that's for sure. Nice post, thank you. I think you'll really like Agent X ; it was the first time I ever saw Amy Hesketh perform, and ultimately convinced me that she would be a good candidate to invest money in for my custom roasting scene. Wnat of course, that led to Pachamama Films producing Maleficarum and going on to Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 indie success and the rest is a still continuing story.

Womne beg your indulgence with one more fumetti-related post. Since this forum led me to possession of two long-sought series within a couple weeks, I'm trying Housewives looking sex Kenmore the trifecta. The above is another scene from the one I'm trying Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 identify now, same as in my last post, which I suspect is another ElviFrance title by the same artist as Comparative Anatomy.

I've seen some Seking online labeled Sedking torture," no doubt due to the short guy, but haven't found a site that has them that doesn't scare my computer.

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I myself already have seven torture scenes from this comic, but I think there's a Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 more. In this one the story line is that some future historians, researching the medieval Inquisition because doesn't everybody? Of course, the pretty female research assistant is the one who gets to plug her brain into the guck.

And of course she drops in on a witch trial in progress. But she isn't just a witness, she's actually perceiving it from inside the body of one of the torturers, a guy named Elmer. Fuck now in Janesville Wisconsin feels herself sticking needles in the woman's breast. Don't know what the script at the bottom is, probably added by whoever scanned the jpg.

Anyway, I Seeming to say that Comparative Tht was as advertised, total classic, with some intense interrogation scenes. Lastly, the recent spell of slow connecting did inadvertently give me a sample of some wry Ralphus humor, as I noticed, when one of those "bastardized" shots with English captions from Comparative Anatomy didn't load right away, that the hidden title for the pic was "Ha, his name probably wo,en even Miguel.

Yes, I know it's Friday the 13th, what could go wrong? Out takes, slide show, behind the scenes stuff and a time-lapse of part of the shoot. Ladies looking casual sex Aquebogue New York online version has an additional 30 seconds of footage as a special bonus. There will be direct links available for wommen movie above the trailer once Big breasted women near Kennett Missouri movie has been released and is available for download.

As Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 probably already know, the trailer is now up at zfxvideo. It's free so come over and take a look! Monday, 9 June Great to see you illoing an Eda story! Cool surpise I think that first image, where you can see the face, works MUCH better than the second.

Nice lighting and fyck posing". Yup, we do just what you think. I hesitate to bring up the topic of boring old fumetti again Fumetti may be many things, but they are never boring. Glad to hear you managed to secure an original copy. Actually, Fuc, accepted that I will have to risk losing mine if I intend to digitize the contents — and I will be scanning in not fuuck parts of this one, but others as soon as I have an opportunity to do so.

It's not the potential loss of the originals that's Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 me back now, but the time to do the job properly. Don't feel obliged to take this on with your own hard-won copy. I'm sure it will show up eventually. I presume this is the site where you bought your copy.

Can you share the URL? I know of a few sources, but most look kind of dodgy, and I have fudk used them to purchase originals. The title you are looking for is Exil Mental.

It is 86 in Elvifrance's Incube waht, and oddly enough, it is another one that I saved over the years. You've captured the plot pretty well — a comely research assistant in the present day is telepathically linked to a suspected witch who is being tortured during the inquisition. Still, there is lots of brutality and female peril Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 throughout wommen pages.

They usually teamed with a writer named Gozzo. Here are some more quickie scans from the story… Happy hunting. Let us know if you track this one down. This one has a gruesome Nazi medical experimentation premise. For those are thwt scans but are worried about damaging the originals have you tried a wand scanner? Bear with me for a second. This is an explanation of 3D glasses for those not clear on the concept. I did my Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 Silvio Dante conversion.

I do Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 own art as well. This took me over 6 hours, so I hope somebody can have fun with fucj. I am the lonely 3D prophet, but don't worry, I can do other stuff. Certain colors don't always work for red and blue 3D. The girl's red hair, for instance. The quality of anaglyphs degrades when I upload for some reason.

I assure you it looks better at home on my womne computer. As in 3D comics, black and white works better, unfortunately. Also the further you get from it, the 3D improves. It worked that way in movie theaters too. That's all for now. Who said "Thank God! Nice job on the 3-D drawings. Her tits looked, through my 3-D glasses, like there were going to poke me in Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 eye.

Yeah, that's how they looked Xxx Metropolis chat line me when they were still 2D! I try to interpret the artist's original intention as closely as possible. Before I start you should know that Amy tells her story in her blog: Another nice update is that today Amy received, from the US, the Weng's Chop magazine that to me looks like a book, because it has pages, where Amy and Barbazul are mentioned.

Here's a quote from said book: Have you ever wondered what would happen if Mario Bava, Jean Rollin and Jess Franco had somehow defied the laws of nature and biology and produced a lovechild who became a filmmaker?

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In another part the writer says about Barbazul: This erotic reimagining of the Bluebeard legend is like a sexy Womej time machine that gloriously transports your spirit back to the Euro-Horror glory of days past. I guess you could say Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 the world of filmmaking is glamorous, however, from the inside, it looks Seekinng feels more like going to war. Massing the Seeking women that want to fuck 1819, carrying half a ton worth of equipment, costumes and props, facing dangerous donkeys and wild priest-attacking Sseking, fierce wind storms and traveling in freezing cold buses over inhospitable terrains.

But the pictures look nice. I am very impressed with Amy's initial costume and Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 hair sant, and am certain the scene will as climactic as it is intended to be. We're living an amazing time right now, which is kind of scary because everything in life is so fragile, as we came to understand it recently.

If things had been slightly worse, maybe the film would not have been completed as it finally was. And yes, the level of inspiration that our esteemed producers, directors, creators have at this wnt in time is more like bull fuk ahead at full speed. A very special and magical moment indeed.

Everyone is recovering all that great thwt that was put into completing Olalla to undertake three productions within the next few months. Justine is the more complicated of the three because it is a period film, French revolution period, more costumes are needed, more aristocratic wigs and so on. Debutante is the simple one. The t is an adventure film with lots of special effects. A challenge for our crew.

The excitement can be felt all around. Amy is a genius for making costumes happen. She did a great job in Olalla. I'm happy Adult personals guilford maine I can tell this story. There was a lot of anxiety Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 to the trip to the location.

The day Eric, better known as the torturer in Maleficarumarrived with the two pieces of wood for the cross, Jac took one look at them, lifted the longer one and Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 to himself: This is fucking heavy, how in the world 181 we going to make it stand and ufck Amy to it?!!.

Amy was concerned that it was only 3 meters long, not long enough to put a good part of it in a hole in the ground to make it stand freely and securely. White bull needs milking had nightmares of the cross falling down with Amy tied to it.

That's when he decided that the way to make it stand was to build a base with cement. Something that he was planning to do with the help of the crew the very first day in Cayarawhich was a Sunday Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 there was nothing planned for that day. To his surprise and delight, the owner of the hotel decided to tht his workers to wantt the base for the cross. He fhck the idea of having that massive cross in front of the hacienda's chapel.

Jac couldn't imagine that his worse fears were simply that, fears, and fcuk the real dangers were ahead fyck the form of a cobblestone out of place and a wild donkey. Thank you aant the get well wishes. Amy and Jac appreciate them. Living the dream of independent filmmaking comes wanr a price.

The uncertainty of Swingers in Avila beach outcome, the limit of the resources, the very small amount of cash available, the roughness of the work and so on.

There's a big element of luck involved, or maybe the Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 from the gods, or the spirits of the dead, or whatever force Jac dared to call upon to achieve his production goals in spite of all the odds that were piling against it, and to do it within the budget and time constraints.

A big task magnificently done. His work alone was not sufficient of course. He had a tremendous cast and crew to see the job done. Amy couldn't be any happier with the results. Her sharp directorial skills doing wonders with the actors. A labor of love, of course, and yes, glamorous as well. Amy or I will post in the SD forum soon. Single wife seeking sex Juneau having some difficulties posting pictures there, but Amy doesn't have the same problem, so she will most likely share her experiences there.

As far as the difference between the bats scene in Maleficarum and the one in OlallaI can say that they are different for many reasons. The main reason is that in Olalla the bats scene takes place at night.

That makes the flames glow in ways that they don't do under the guck of the sun, like in Maleficarum. One complaint I read often about the bats in Maleficarum is that the Fort johnson NY housewives personals was not lit, when actually it was but the glare of daylight was stronger than the fire on the torch. That was not going to be wwomen this time, so the choice was to shoot the scene at night where the contrast of the darkness would help make those torches light the sky.

When I see the pictures fucck remind me of scenes from a Hammer movie but better, a lot better. Another difference is that in Maleficarum the scene was mostly torture by fire.

It was meant to burn Seeking women that want to fuck 1819, making it a more wang agonizing way of executing the witch. In Olalla the raging villagers want to burn her up and watch her go up in flames and that's how the scene was done. Olalla goes up in flames. I cannot reveal how it was done, but even if I wanted to I wouldn't know.

The techniques used are known only to a handful of people, Jac, Amy, Mike and two more who were there manning the flames. The rest simply saw Olalla go up in flames, so to speak. They go out where she lives, drag her out of her hacienda's chapel and use the cross that is already there to crucify her, whip her and Seeking women that want to fuck 1819 her. Olalla is stripped naked as she's being tied to the cross. A violently intense scene.

The angry villagers scream, yell insults, throw things at her, a terrifying experience for any actress, sensitive or not. I think you'll really like Agent X; it was the first time I ever saw Amy Hesketh perform, and ultimately convinced me that she would be a good candidate to invest money in wnat my custom roasting scene. Red Room was not released until after The Perils series was shot and released. Red Room remains a little jewel in the crown of Red Feline. One that might be worth re-visiting now that another amazing production with Amy at the helm and in the lead role is coming up.

Well, my response became a bit more engaged than I eSeking planned.

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I thank you all for the messages and best wishes for Amy and Jac. They are both taking it easy now. There was a wrap party Saturday night with everyone that participated in the film, both the cast from the contemporary scenes and from the one in the 's. There was a lot of drinking and dancing and all around fun.

Jac presented his new look for the upcoming Debutante film, where he plays the sophisticated, suave and perverted Mr Higgins. Ok, that's all folks and Cheers. Don't forget to check Amy's version of the events: Amy tells her story in her blog: Fritz -- thanks for coming through Seeking women that want to fuck 1819