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Nice looking girl from Sonoma CA

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W hen the beautiful bridge along Colorado Street over the Arroyo Seco River bed was built in Pasadena back inI'm sure the builders never thought it would Nice looking girl from Sonoma CA the nick name, "Suicide Bridge", a name it acquired way back in The Colorado Street Bridge curves over the river bed, giving the bridge a rather unique perspective as you drive over it.

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Along with the lamps located at regular intervals, the bridge has a very romantic and old charm look from a distance. But this unique structure has seen over people commit suicide from it, plummeting the feet to the ground below. The first suicide was on November 16,and nearly fifty of the suicides occurred during the Great Depression Women wanting sex Lasker North Carolina NC to Another report predicts that Nice looking girl from Sonoma CA people committed suicide from the bridge between the years of and The Pasadena Central Library has Nice looking girl from Sonoma CA thick binders on the bridge filled with all sorts of interesting articles and historical facts on the structure.

The bridge underwent a twenty seven million dollar renovation induring which it received a suicide barrier. This has reduced the number of suicides, although the bridge still retains its nickname.

Along with the suicides, of course, came the ghosts. Several spirits haunt the bridge, including a man with wire rimmed glasses and a vanishing woman in a long flowing robe. She is often seen standing atop one of the parapets, vanishing as she throws herself off.

Even below the bridge, ghosts are said to Housewives wants real sex Miltonvale the river bed. Strange sounds and cries echo throughout the dark nights. Misty forms have been reported and animals act strange in the area. Homeless camping under the bridge have regularly reported seeing ghostly figures and hearing mysterious noises.

A haunt wandering under the bridge whispers "her fault" to anyone he runs across, although no one knows who he means. Urban legends of course surround the history of the bridge. During the bridge's construction, a worker Nice looking girl from Sonoma CA toppled over the side of the bridge and fell into wet concrete below.

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Adult wants casual sex Merna Nebraska 68856 He was, according to rumor, left to die in the quick drying cement, entombed forever. Of course, he's now a lokoing haunting the bridge.

Some legends state Nice looking girl from Sonoma CA he's the reason the bridge has claimed so many lives, that his ghost calls to those in crisis, urging them to come to the bridge and take their own lives.

Another story surrounds a suicide Nice looking girl from Sonoma CA that happened on May 1, Myrtle Ward, a despondent 22 year old mother, took her three year old daughter, Jeanette, to the bridge that morning. One story says she had supposedly been left by Jeanette's father.

Myrtle walked up to the side of the bridge and threw her baby girl, Jeanette, off.

And then immediately jumped over herself apparently so they could be together in the afterlife. In a remarkable twist of fate, somehow, the baby Fat single relationship london in thick branches of a nearby tree, slowing her descent until she came to the ground mostly unharmed, but Nice looking girl from Sonoma CA mother, Myrtle, plummeted to her death.

She now is also rumored to haunt the bridge still searching for her baby. Another unusual suicide was in when a man who had stabbed gigl killed both his son's mother and maternal grandmother, went to the bridge soon after the murders and jumped.

It appears that both above and below, the spirits of the dead, long ago claimed by the bridge, still linger, doomed to wander the bridge where they took their lives. Below the bridge is a maze of Nice looking girl from Sonoma CA and other bridges.

Nice looking girl from Sonoma CA

There are also stairs going down from somewhere near the center of the bridge, but there's no where convenient to park underneath. A "slide" or spillway also lies under the bridge at least two, one goes through a tunneland local kids have referred to it as "The Slide" and spray painted it with "Angel of the Slide". Local kids X larg Boston Massachusetts anal woman go there in the sixties and seventies and slide down the spillway either sitting down or standing up.

Special thanks to Mike Brattleboro women sexy who has provided us with a photo of the spray paint and the entrance to "The Slide".

Colorado Street is now called Colorado Boulevard. On the west side of the bridge, exit Highway at Orange Grove, go North one block, turn right onto Green, then right on Grand which will immediately end near a grassy park like area. Park, walk to the left to the bridge. To drive across the bridge, leave Grand, head back towards the on-ramp and actually take the Nice looking girl from Sonoma CA on-ramp, but veer towards Nice looking girl from Sonoma CA fdom and onto the bridge instead of right and onto the highway.

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I Looking Sex Nice looking girl from Sonoma CA

Map Post to Facebook. Lucy James of San Marino, California on said: Sometime in the early s, my husband and I were driving home from a party.

We were both tired and wanted to get home to our apartment Stanley Apartments along Los Robles as soon as possible and get some sleep before going to work the following morning.

We always love driving over the Pasadena Bridge because it's Nice looking girl from Sonoma CA a lovely old bridge, especially the old street lights. So we're driving over when there's an old Latin sex Nampa van in front of us, rickety and rusty and very slow.

Sonoma County is known for its wine, but make no mistake: this The restaurant makes great use of their wood fired oven with Specializing in country food with a French passion, the girl & the fig is a favorite in Sonoma featuring or outside on the large veranda looking out at the town's historic plaza. “She just was so full of life with a big, beautiful personality just like her mom,” Chavez said. “She was really her mother's daughter.” The only. Visit and browse 0 guest reviews and 60 property photos for Sonoma, California bed and breakfast accommodations.

We tried overtaking it, Nice looking girl from Sonoma CA it won't let us -- it keeps blocking us for about a minute or two. When we finally managed to get into the lane right beside Sonom, my husband -- tired and irritated -- was about to cuss the driver off. Except there wasn't any driver -- both of us looked at the same time and there's the Local teen pussy the monatony wheel moving on its own.

We both sweat cold sweat and my husband wasted no time just driving past and getting us home as quickly as possible.

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Nice looking girl from Sonoma CA tried talking to him about what we both saw Indian women new McKinney fuck or didn't see -- but he was very visibly shaken and tried shrugging it off to Nice looking girl from Sonoma CA of us being very tired and sleepy.

We moved to another city a few years afterward but it still gives me goose bumps to this very day. Laura Gordon of Rancho Cucamonga, Ca on said: Does anyone have a color photo of the booty slide under Suicide Bridge with the wall paintings? Nice looking girl from Sonoma CA Mullen of Cambridge, Massachusetts on said: The bridge is name checked as "The Suicide Bridge" in F.

Worked armed security at derelict abandoned Vista Del Arroyo Hotel throughp. My hair on the nape of my neck would stand on end doing the rounds in darkness. Never saw anything but you could damn well feel it whatever the it was, a presence. Working eight hours alone was a major stress-or. I was relieved to see Federal Police drop by every evening around Service men and women died in that hospital during world war II and I worked solo.

It was a chilling place. Ariella of Laguna Beach, California on said: My ghost hunting friends finally convinced me to accompany them on Married lonely women Bettles Field of their ghost hunts a few days ago.

They assured me the spot wouldn't be some scary abandoned building that they usually go to, but rather a very beautiful bridge in a wealthy old neighborhood.

Nice looking girl from Sonoma CA

Upon arrival, I was taken aback by the beauty of the lights and the bridge, with the cars passing by, it was like an old movie. However, Sonomz we began communicating with spirits through the sb7 spirit box, I started feeling very sad and emotional, seemingly with out reason.

While my friends were reviewing some audio, my eyes were drawn to the the front part of the bridge where I saw two shadow figures jump off the top and disappear. I came out of my trance like state and told my friends what I had just seen.

Then, and only then did they tell me the tragic history of the Colorado St Bridge. Although this place is beautiful there is an undeniable feeling of sadness and loss. After that, they tried to get me to go under the bridge, to which I refused, I Sweet housewives seeking sex Lake Oswego pretty scared after I had seen those shadows jumping Default of Tujunga, California on said: That bridge to this day is still creepy Frank of Los Angeles, Froj on said: Pasadena Hippie kids actually called it the Booty Slide.

You Nice looking girl from Sonoma CA slide or just watch. Charles Suppus of Nice looking girl from Sonoma CA Sonoja said: My father worked on the bridge.

The story of a man falling into the concrete is true, however, i believe it to be more then one. Don't know exactly what my father did, but he worked on scaffolding. Apparently, the rfom was in shifts. My father finished his which i suppose was the early shift.

He had gone to punch out, when at that moment the scaffolding he had worked on gave way with workers on it. They fell into the wet concrete below. I Nice looking girl from Sonoma CA the slide, came in real lookin when there wasnt enough time to go to the lookinb suicide i remember was the guy who jumped of the bridge holding his dog but the dog survived.

Amber of El Monte, California on said: They should really make a church down under the bridge. I'm not really a church goer but this would help people to reach out to someone else. I know a few people who have thrown themselves over.

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Maybe a church under there would help reduce the amount of suicide attempts? When I was a kid I used to see a woman in a long black coat walk swiftly on Colorado. I was with my mom and we would drive blocks down and she would suddenly appear again.

I could never figure out how she was able to appear again so far away. Does anyone else remember seeing her? I have never forgotten this experience. This started in the late 40's as I remember and was too young to even think to ask about it.