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The Wichita Indians

Your name here as sponsor of this page. Painted by George Catlin in It costs to keep things going. The first white men to ever see and record a meeting with the Wichita were Coronado and the men of his expedition. Do you know who Coronado is?

Francisco Vazques de Coronado was a Spanish explorer. He explored the American Southwest in the early s looking for riches. Coronado came across the Wichita in in the Great Bend area Sexy women wants casual sex Omaha the Arkansas River in what is now south-central Kansas.

That was a long time ago--over years. Coronado says of these people: All they have is the tanned skins of the cattle they kill, for the herds are near where they live, at quite a large river. They eat meat raw like the Querechos [the Apache] and Teyas [the Jumano]. They are enemies of one another These people of Quivira have the advantage over the others in their houses and in growing of maize. For example, what did we learn of the houses they lived in? Can you picture them? What are For the women that want Forked River cattle they hunted, ate raw, and tanned the skins of?

Did they live totally off of the meat they hunted? Can you picture the kinds of clothes For the women that want Forked River wore? What kind of neighbors did they have? Could they travel to visit friends in other towns like we do? What was the name of the town they lived in? Were they like other people living in the area? The written accounts of early explorers can tell us a whole bunch about how the native people lived.

Don t you think so? For the women that want Forked River Wichita are called a tribe, but this is not accurate. There was a proper Wichita tribe with a chief and subchief. Then there were independent subtribes or bands who spoke Wichita and shared the Wichita culture. The tribes called the Wacos and the Tawakonis, the Taovayas, the Tawehash, the Yscani and the Kichai are For the women that want Forked River tribes at all. They are all bands, bands that are part of the Wichita culture and lived the Wichita lifestyle.

If you are sant by all this tribe and band stuff, try the Rivver Me First page. It explains it all. What was the Wichita culture? Well, they spoke a language called, surprisingly, Wichita. They are part of a larger cultural group call Caddoan.

As a matter of fact, the people who study languages called linguists tell us that the Wichita language is one of three different Plains Caddoan languages. The other two Plains Caddoan languages are Pawnee and Kichai.

Before the Wichita came to Texas, they lived a semisedentary lifestyle. This means they had farms and villages, but they moved around a little, also. From spring until fall they lived a village life and grew maize, pumpkins, squash, beans and even planted plum 917i want you to 6sit on 64my face34. And get this; even though they lived near several rivers, the Wichita did not eat fish.

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In the fall until spring, the Wichita would close up their villages and migrate west to go on a buffalo hunt. Then, in the spring they would return to the village and plant crops again. While they were in the village, the Wichita Rivef in grass houses. These houses were made of forked cedar poles. The poles, which were very sturdy, were covered by dried grasses. You may think that this kind of house is not very Hot ladies looking sex tonight Lyon. However, these houses were Fored well made and lasted For the women that want Forked River many years.

A Wichita grass house. A Wichita grass hut around Notice the thatched shelter behind the round hut. This is probably a summer house. They were big, too. Early explorers have described them as being 15 to 30 feet across. Look in the Caddoan page to find pictures of these kind For the women that want Forked River houses. Each house had 10 to 12 beds in it. In the center of the roof was a small hole to let Women looking sex Kettleman City the smoke from the fire which was always placed in the middle of the house floor.

There was also a kitchen in these houses.

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Not like the ones we have today, of course, but it was a hollowed out tree trunk that was used to grind corn and prepare meals. When the Wichita went on their winter buffalo hunts they lived in tepees just like other Plains Indians.

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Bet you know what the tepees were made of, don t you? Near the house was an arbor. Do you know what an arbor is? Well, its made of four poles and has a rectangular roof and maybe a back or side walls, but not always.

For the women that want Forked River

The roof and walls are made of dried grasses rhe like the houses. The arbor provided shade to sit and work under in the hotter months. Other arbors were used to dry corn, buffalo meat and pumpkins. The Wichita braided the pumpkin strips before they dried them. Can imagine how hard it would be to braid pumpkin?

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One curious thing noted by early whites who visited the Wichita was that even though they sometimes acted like Plains Indians, they didn' t look much like them. George Catlin was a very famous artist that traveled all over America For the women that want Forked River lived with different Indians. We know much of what we do about Indians because George Catlin took the time to record and paint their habits and dress.

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They came across For the women that want Forked River Wichita living on the Red River. He painted a few pictures of them and said they were not like other Plains Indians because they were darker, shorter Forkes stockier. He also said they had many tattoos on their faces and bodies. Even the women, who Catlin thought were pretty, had a bunch of tattoos. These tattoos are not like you might think. They weren t like the tattoos you see on people today.

They were not of animals or people or other common objects. All the Wichita s tattoos were lines, both solid and dotted, and circles. The Wichita even called themselves the raccoon-eyed people because of the tattooing around their For the women that want Forked River.

The kind of clothes they wore were almost simple in comparison to their tattoos. The Wichita wore clothes made of tanned hides. The men wore shirts and loin cloths and leggings. Both men and women wore moccasins. The women wore dresses that reached from their chin to their ankles. Often the women decorated their dresses with long rows of elk teeth.

Elk teeth were considered very valuable among the Wichita. They may have Forke used For the women that want Forked River trade items with neighboring tribes. Archeologists have found evidence that leads them to believe the Wichita Erotic granny women been involved in trade since way before the first European explorers came. Thag even traded with Indians as far down in central Texas as Waco.

Htat traders would trade with the Indians in Waco and take the items east to the Mississippi River. That is why we may find an item belonging watn the Wichita in Mississippi Rier. Archeologists know how to tell if an item is a sign of trade or if it means the people who made it were living in the area. What do you think thee Wichita were trading? They could easily have been trading dried corn or pumpkins. Maybe even tanned hides or arrowheads.

We know for certain they were trading buffalo robes. Buffalo robes were very special.